Filtering is Fantastic

September 7, 2009

Blogs in general have always overwhelmed me. The amount of information presented at one given second compared to the amount of time and capacity for me to concentrate is extremely disproportional. After learning about the ability to not only subscribe to certain blogs which seemed interesting in order to avoid losing the link to the blog as well as keeping track of new posts I feel a lot more comfortable entering the “blogging world.” Also the Google Reader is an amazing feature allowing me to keep an eye on new blog posts that may interest me in my iGoogle.

Throughout the last couple day i have been spending time adventuring throughout the “blogging realm” and have found several different blogs which interest me.  In a blog called “Learning is Messy” i found a survey of fourth graders for a teacher.  Of the 24 children, 18 learned English as a second language, which not only speaks a multitude about the overwhelming diversity in schooling today but also relates to the survey itself. The children were asked simple questions such as which state they lived in, as well as which country. Surprisingly half the class got the answers wrong on each of these questions. Since I am very interested in minority learners and how to help the integration of ESL children to regular classrooms, this statistic struck me as incomprehensible. It makes me want to strive to help find part of the solution to successfully integrating ESL children so that they will not be left at a disadvantage for their whole lives.

Another educational tool that i found to be so interesting was Lingt, which is discovered in the blog “Box of Tricks”. It is a site which allows teachers to add homework assignments on-line which include videos, voice recordings, images, and text. In return the student can do the work and send it in via Internet so that the use of paper is limited. Another positive of the program is that teachers are the only ones that need to register, students simply use the link provided by the teacher in order to reach the work. While this is more appealing to older students, the only fault in the program is that it assumes that all individuals have access to a computer.

A couple blogs which I found interesting for my own personal entertainment included “Simple Indian Food.” I love to cook especially Indian since that is part of my culture. Therefore I found the recipes on this site useful and interesting in case I ever wanted to cook something. Secondly I found this Blog called “coco & kelley” which relates fashion to interior design. The Blog is filled with pictures which enhance the appeal to the taste of the creator. I am very interested in both interior design and designing my own fashion pieces through sewing and therefore this blog was quite interesting. My favorite post was the one regarding “The Lounging Life”, on September 1, 2009, which had silk robes that had beautiful silk robes.

Overall my experience with blogging has risen over the past couple of days. Instead of confusion I find myself enjoying the blogs which I have found as well as loosing track of time while searching.

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